In today’s job market, jobseekers at all levels and especially senior level executives must not underestimate the importance of having a strong, professional Curriculum Vitae.

As the Partner of a successful executive level recruitment and professional CV writing firm for 15 years, I have found that this is the key to beating the competition and securing the job that you want.
The most important things to remember when writing a CV are threefold;

Firstly your CV must be visually professional and high-impact to appeal to the reader and ensure that you are selected for interview from a potentially large sea of other job applicants.

Secondly, your CV must contain pertinent key words so that your details can be found by searching either on the internet (if you have applied online) or from within a database system if you have registered your details with an executive search firm, employer or employment agency.

Finally your CV must act as a marketing tool and shop window, displaying your education, training, skills, personal attributes and key achievements in a succinct way which is easy to read at first glance. This will catch the attention of the reader quickly and open the door to further questioning.

The covering letter which accompanies your CV is just as important. In our experience an employer wants to feel that you have researched the role and the organisation, and that you understand the challenges that the company faces in the current climate and in the future.

Some useful tips for impressing in the covering letter and at formal interview include:

Show an understanding of the organisation by looking at corporate brochures and the company website; read the latest new articles and annual reports (if available) and be prepared to comment on anything you found interesting; research the competition and the marketplace and finally, be prepared to offer a summary of what specific skills and experience you possess that will add value to the business.

Never be complacent when applying for a new job opportunity, if you do, then you are in serious danger of losing the role you are hoping to secure to someone who has a better CV and covering letter than you.

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