Responsive theme for all devices

Are Grieves Pryce the first recruitment site to have a responsive web site for all devices?

New Grieves Pryce Website for ALL devices

As we head into the last third of 2012 we thought it was about time that our website caught up with some of the demands of its visitors. After analysing the data we noted that visitors using a tablet platform had seen an increase of 8% taking the share of mobile and tablet to a total of 19% of all traffic to the site. To respond to the ever increasing popularity of the mobile market and especially the tablet category all mobile users will experience the responsiveness of the new site. Responsive? In the proverbial nutshell, the site looks at your browser and adjusts the site to scale for your device and therefore provide a more natural browsing experience. If you are viewing this site through a normal desktop pc and want to see the effect then reduce the size of your browser by dragging one of the sides of the browser horizontally and all things being equal (i.e. me with my fingers crossed that we have not missed anything) all text and images should rearrange and scale themselves accordingly.

We are always interested in feedback so please let us know what you think in the comments section below?

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