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  • The Importance of having a strong Curriculum Vitae & covering letter

    In today’s job market, jobseekers at all levels and especially senior level executives must not underestimate the importance of having a strong, professional Curriculum Vitae. As the Partner of a successful executive level recruitment and professional CV writing firm for 15 years, I have found that this is the key to beating the competition and […]

  • Does an MBA equal a bigger salary?

    I have 15 years experience of working as a senior level ‘head-hunter’ and running an executive CV writing business, dealing with MBA graduates, and in my experience the short answer is yes. If one read down the lists of business school MBA programmes under various headings, many institutions are promising salary increases around 100 %.  […]

  • Tips for negotiating your executive salary

    As a ‘head-hunter’ with over 15 years experience in both providing CV writing services for executives, and  placing them into board level positions, I understand that once you have received a job offer, the negotiations have only just begun and a careful choice needs to be made on your part. Today’s marketplace is far less […]

  • Tips for Writing an Executive CV

    Always: Open your CV with a brief Personal Profile, be succinct and positive, busy employers/recruiters will make a decision in seconds. Use a high impact format, preferably with your name in capitals or on colour to ensure that you get noticed Use clean and easily legible typefaces, such as Arial, Arial Narrow or Tahoma. Start […]

  • UK Labour Market & Unemployment Statistics

    Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), April 21 2010 The unemployment rate stands at 8.0% – up 0.1% over the quarter and the highest rate since September 1996. 28.82 million people were in work in the period December to February according to the labour force survey (LFS). The number of people employed was […]