Advertised Selection

The most successful way to approach the open market is by advertised selection. This requires in-depth knowledge of all types of traditional and social media; in conjunction with this, the use of well constructed, often creative advertisements that will attract a wide range of suitably qualified and experienced candidates. We pride ourselves knowledge of Social Media is fundamentalon being able to present our clients with innovative advertising solutions using the national press, trade publications, internet job portals and social media campaigns. In most cases, we encourage our clients to use ‘branded’ advertisements, which if carefully worded can act as an invaluable marketing tool used to promote positive growth within their business. However, in situations where an appointment is confidential, we are experts in writing ‘blind’ advertisements, which ensure that response levels are still high,promote positive growth whilst the identity of our client remains concealed from the public eye and your competitors. It is equally important to ensure that the leading candidate is selected; astute interview and verification techniques in conjunction with 360 degree referencing and psychometric evaluation ensure that only the most suitable candidates are included on a short list. At all stages in the process we keep candidates informed and engaged in order to ensure commitment and achieve a successful outcome.

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